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I'm a front-end developer and here's my eleventy blog. I am based in Oxfordshire and work at Venture Harbour.

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  1. Weeknotes #21 weeknotes
    A wedding in the French Alps, Swimming in Lake Annecy, JAMStack Conference London
  2. Weeknotes #20 weeknotes
    Since last time I have: run a 24km trail race, been on holiday to Croatia, celebrated Emma's first birthday.
  3. Weeknotes #19 weeknotes
  4. Music I'm Currently Listening to music
    The top 3 albums I am listening to.
  5. Weeknotes #18 weeknotes
    Beautiful spring weather has finally arrived; Arthur mastered cycling; Emma is climbing the stairs and the cycling season has started.
  6. Exercise Notes #1 exercise
    This is the first of many exercise notes where I focus on what exercise I have been doing and how I'm feeling.
  7. Weeknotes #17 weeknotes
  8. Running Goals for 2019.
    In this post I finally write down the goals I want to achieve in running.
  9. Addicted to Vitality Points.
    This is a post on My Blog about my addiction to Vitality Points.
  10. Trialling Eleventy.
    I wanted to be able to write without having to fucking login to WordPress, I didn't want to use Jekyll or Gatsby. Thus I am using Eleventy.

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