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  1. Weeknotes #22 weeknotes
    Didcot Demolition, Graduation for Arthur, sleepless nights for Emma and all
  2. Weeknotes #21 weeknotes
    A wedding in the French Alps, Swimming in Lake Annecy, JAMStack Conference London
  3. Weeknotes #20 weeknotes
    Since last time I have: run a 24km trail race, been on holiday to Croatia, celebrated Emma's first birthday.
  4. Weeknotes #19 weeknotes
  5. Music I'm Currently Listening to music
    The top 3 albums I am listening to.
  6. Weeknotes #18 weeknotes
    Beautiful spring weather has finally arrived; Arthur mastered cycling; Emma is climbing the stairs and the cycling season has started.
  7. Exercise Notes #1 exercise
    This is the first of many exercise notes where I focus on what exercise I have been doing and how I'm feeling.
  8. Weeknotes #17 weeknotes
  9. Running Goals for 2019.
    In this post I finally write down the goals I want to achieve in running.
  10. Addicted to Vitality Points.
    This is a post on My Blog about my addiction to Vitality Points.
  11. Trialling Eleventy.
    I wanted to be able to write without having to fucking login to WordPress, I didn't want to use Jekyll or Gatsby. Thus I am using Eleventy.
  12. Weeknotes #16 weeknotes
    Last week was holiday time with Marion, Emma and Arthur.
  13. Weeknotes #15 weeknotes
    Hot winter weather, a date day at the Spa and weekend at the parents were followed by an exciting week of Electron development.
  14. Weeknotes #14 weeknotes
  15. Weeknotes #13 weeknotes
  16. Looking back to 2018 life
  17. Weeknotes #12 weeknotes
  18. Weeknotes #11 weeknotes
  19. Weeknotes #10 weeknotes
  20. Weeknotes #9 weeknotes
    I have finally joined the gym (thanks to work paying for it!) so have been thrice. Also: #ffconf
  21. Weeknotes #8 weeknotes
    This week was spent mostly on trains, with a little bit of wedding and birthday in between.
  22. Weeknotes #7 weeknotes
    This week was mostly about learning and reading.
  23. How to trigger a webhook with WordPress life
  24. Weeknotes #6 weeknotes
    I've done a lot of learning this week and also I went for a big family walk last Sunday.
  25. Weeknotes #5 weeknotes
  26. Automate Opening Zoom MacOS life
    I detail how to automate the opening of Zoom on MacOS using crontab.
  27. New Arrival – Emma Hudson family
  28. Weeknotes #4 weeknotes
    I launched a PWA, Arthur turned three and we went to the farm.
  29. Weeknotes #3 weeknotes
    We put the house on the market, I worked on a PWA, and I continued my juggling practice.
  30. Weeknotes #2 weeknotes
    I ran a couple of times, did some DIY and started juggling again.
  31. Weeknotes #1 weeknotes
  32. Wow, using Quill to write to my website micropub
  33. I am implementing web mentions on this website. life
  34. Running January Running
    Today is the final day of January and at lunch I will go for a run. I have run at least three times a week for four weeks now.
  35. Entered Reading Half Running
    Starting 2017 with great intentions to do more running I have signed up for Reading half marathon on the 19th March.
  36. FF Conf 2016 dev
    I have wanted to attend FFConf for as many years as it has been running and this year I was lucky to attend. Here are my notes from the talks which stood out to me...
  37. 30 running days of September Running
    Last month I decided to go running every day. That's 30 days of going outside into the fresh and cool/warm/hot air and going running. Day after day after day, running.
  38. First ever parkrun Running
    On Saturday morning I ran my first ever parkrun - Didcot Parkrun. 5k is a fast and painful all out distance, but once complete it sets up the weekend nicely.
  39. Morning Runner Running
    Some people might say that there is never enough time in the day to go running. But there is always time. In the morning before everyone is up!
  40. The Economy of Keystrokes - Kyle Simpson developing
    Earlier today I watched this is a excellent video about writing code that can be read, understood, documented and accessible to all that will use it in the future (be that you, your team or anyone else).
  41. Happy 2016!!! thoughts
    It's the 4th of January and my first day back in the UK after an fantastic holiday with family in France - the food, weather and company were excellent, and Arthur wants to walk everywhere and has learned how to stand up with help of furniture.
  42. Realtime Communication with and WordPress life
    Last night I watched this video about connecting and WordPress for realtime update of WordPress content. This is incredible!
  43. Using with WordPress developing
    How to use the WordPress Transients API and wp remote get() to grab the latest weather from the API.
  44. Codepen all the things developing
    Every time I have an issue with code I turn straight to codepen to make a small demo to concentrate on only the parts that will affect the problem. If it is JS then I add the minimum HTML and then work through the issue in the JS window, same if it is with CSS. I love it.
  45. Angular with WP API developing
    Here is how you can use the WP API to pull in the 10 latest posts using Angular.
  46. Arthur is 6 months Old arthur
  47. UX of Offline developing
  48. Arthur is now 80 days old arthur
    Time flies. Arthur is now 11.5 weeks old and doing well. Each day he continues to change and life is a continual wonder, both for us to observe his new skills and abilities and for him.
  49. New Arrival - Arthur Hudson arthur
    We are proud and happy to announce the arrival of our Arthur Hudson born on 8th February weighing 3.5kg.
  50. Distracted? Let's make technology that helps us spend our time well technology
  51. This is Water thoughts
  52. Name One & Maxxi Soundsystem 'One In Three' music
    A lack of deep bass music these days (unless I've not found the good stuff) I found this on Veerle's Music.
  53. Do One Thing Well design
  54. Thoughts on Inbox technology
    I've been a keen user of google inbox for over a month and here are my initial thoughts.
  55. I heart Podcasts technology
    So I've finally started to listen to Serial, downloaded a Podcasting app, and fell in love with This American Life, restarting my affair with podcasts.
  56. Hoorah for Science and Exploration picture technology
    Yesterday the scientists at the European Space Agency managed to plant a probe on a comet. It took 10 years to get there and great teamwork and planning.
  57. All the Stars - The Shifting Sands music
    I heard this last Thursday while baking my wife's birthday cake, and put it here before I forget the band.
  58. José Gonzalez - Every Age music
    I've always loved the music of José Gonzalez after hearing “Heartbeats” in 2004. Now he's released a new track “Every Age” and here's the video of it.
  59. Two to Become Three family
    This is where I announce that my wife is pregnant with our first child.
  60. Why Work doesn't happen at work thoughts
    An excellent TED video where Jason Fried explains why work doesn't happen at work
  61. Road to Page Speed Perfection dev
    A tweet inspired me to improve my page speed score and I managed to get both mobile and desktop to 100.
  62. How I run my site developing
    Skills that I’ve learned in my day job have enabled working on the latest version of this site much more simple and pleasurable than previously. I use Gulp, Bower and Continuous deployment to streamline everything.
  63. Goodbye Facebook life
    What is the point of Facebook if not to compare yourself with others. I have had enough of this and have deleted my account. Here's why.
  64. Mr Scruff IN Piccadilly Records music
    During my university days I lived in Manchester and frequently went to Piccadilly records for my weekly music fix. Mr Scruff was one of the excellent artists that kept me sane.
  65. https life
  66. New Server developing
  67. Re-install for better performance thoughts
    The last few days at work I have been prevented from using Adobe products and with no solution I had to format and re-install.
  68. Maximal Sentence Length thoughts “use sentences less than 25 words long”, which is an excellent idea and one that I have started using on this site.
  69. Picture Featured Image Post picture
    The new <picture> element is incredible if you want to serve different images based on the width of the browser that the user is viewing your site on. While the browsers are currently working on implementing the spec, you can implement it with a polyfill called picturefill.js. I've applied this to my WordPress site and will detail how I've done it, starting first with featured images.
  70. Running in Space Running
  71. USA Pro road race champion cycling
  72. Updating my Site developing
  73. Making of Road Bike Party 2 cycling
  74. Cool Surf Photography Video photography Video
  75. Croix de Fer cycling
  76. WebP images hide
  77. An SVG hide
  78. Goals for 2014 life
  79. Lessons Learnt from breaking Servers developing
  80. Automation (my) Solution developing hide
  81. Automation developing
  82. Breaking Borders #3 life
  83. I've Entered Henley Half-Marathon Running
  84. i Made that too! wordpress
  85. One Week to Go! life
  86. 10 Years! life
  87. Rippin Kitten — Miss Kitten music Video
  88. New Pixies Song! music
  89. The Tallest Man on Earth — Walk the Line music Video
  90. Reading to Par by bike cycling
  91. Back on the Bike! cycling
  92. Space Oddity - Commander Chris Hadfield music Video
  93. i Made That! portfolio
  94. Reading Half-Marathon Failiure Running
    This year I didn’t run the Reading Half-Marathon. I’d signed up for it on the 30th of August last year and I totally was committed to doing it, right until the beginning of February when I changed jobs.
  95. Time flying by developing Aside
  96. Responsive conference developing
  97. Between Jobs electric studio heathwallace life mac naconf nottingham pc winchester
  98. Running 2013 – Week 2 Running running 2013
  99. Running 2013 - Week 1 Running Running running 2013
  100. Joe Banfi - Guts and Bones music Audio
  101. Allo Darlin - Tallulah imprint music music podcast Audio
  102. New Job abingdon developing electric studio job life new job wordpress wordpress
  103. Happy New Year 2013! 2013 goals goals twenty thirteen
  104. Summary of 2012 2012 life summary
  105. Jessica Hische: Lettering for a Living developing hero interlink conference jessica hische new adventures in web design presentation
  106. Sunday Morning Sweatshop Run Running
  107. Yorkshire Tour de France 2014 Grand Depart cycling Aside
  108. Post-illness Whitley HW Run Running
  109. Friday River Running
  110. Turbo Thursday cycling
  111. Whitley with HW Group Running
  112. Monday Long Run Running
  113. Happy St.Andrew's Day! Aside
  114. Two Girl Kittens cats Aside
  115. Running - Five weeks Running
  116. Jason Santa Maria : Saying No developing Video
  117. HW Running Club Running
  118. Cold Feet ale freezing life Aside Running winter work
  119. Moving to AWS apache aws cloud developing host linux mysql optimisation
  120. Changing Web Hosts aws developing dream host ec2 media temple rack space Web host
  121. Running with Ale ale prospect park Running Running training
    Last night I went running with Ale around Prospect Park. 4.5 miles in 45:58.
  122. JavaScript : the Good Parts backbone.js developing front-end javascript reading
  123. 140 days - Reading Half Marathon Reading half marathon Running Running training
  124. Music - a year in retrospective music Aside
  125. The 2013 Tour de France 100th edition of the tdf cycling france marion nick rich rob tdf tour de france trip
    The route of the 100th edition of the Tour de France has just been released and Marion, Rob, Rich, Nick & I are planning to see some action.
  126. Birthday #32 Aside
  127. Chris Coyier - Big Web Show big web show chris coyier css css tricks podcast Aside zeldman
  128. Beta Guardian Site beta developing guardian oocss requirejs responsive smacss
  129. Sass 3.2: Silent Classes css developing oocss Gallery sass speakerdeck
  130. Gathering Festival this weekend music Aside
  131. Inti and Punku - first photos cats eating inti kittens photos Gallery punku
  132. XKCD cartoons Image
  133. George Ezra - It's Just My Skin audio Audio
  134. Going on Holiday to France holiday Aside
  135. Don't Hack the Core developing Image
  136. Kittens cat photos cats cats kittens Image
  137. James Burke - Admiral Shovel and the Toilet Roll audio dconstruct html5 html5 audio james burke Audio
  138. Benny benny cats cats kittens Gallery
  139. Putting Photos online with WordPress media photography tutorial tutorial upload wordpress
  140. Big CSS big css css css developing oocss Gallery speakerdeck
  141. Cats cat photos cats cats photo Image
  142. Post London 2012 Blues life
  143. Honey Moon marriage Aside
  144. 1Q84 Aside
  145. Web Dev Conf dev Aside
  146. Radiohead Remixes Stream music Audio
  147. Tropical Music music Audio
  148. Turbo Training autumn cycling the sufferfest training turbo trainer
  149. Fourtet Remix of Radiohead music Audio
  150. Awesome Thom York Mix music Audio
  151. Sixty miles! cycling
  152. Olympics a Year away boonen cavendish cycling cycling london 2012 olympic warm-up event olympics Aside
  153. The Rules cycling Aside
  154. Bad Mood Monday cycling
  155. Back from Italy aside Aside
  156. Blogging via iPad2 Blogging convenience iPad2 technology
  157. Blogging via Google Docs google docs publishing technology wordpress xmlrpc
  158. Mid-summer aside Aside
  159. Speed!!! life
  160. Wedding and Website css3 development html5 life marriage wedding
  161. Website Optimisation wordpress
  162. Back to Running! Running
  163. Plugin Error Fixed!!! wordpress
  164. Coffee and Photos photos travel
  165. Plugin Error wordpress
  166. Plugin Development (part one) [wordpress] life
  167. Southampton Summer Time technology
  168. Ipad2 Prices technology
  169. Spring in Madrid travel
  170. ManU Chelsea Quarters life
  171. Going to Madrid travel
  172. IE9 is here web-design
  173. Pancake Time! life
  174. iPad2? tablet
  175. TED - Work/Life Balance life
  176. River and Back - 21m19s [Running] Running
  177. Last weekend was "Creating Custom Posts" web-design
  178. Onwards into the future! goals life
  179. The Year 2010 CIW GR20 life web-design
  180. 2010 review CIW life web-design
  181. I passed!!! CIW life web-design
  182. Still Studying life
  183. Studying life
  184. Sunday Morning CIW HTML5 life web-design
  185. update web-design
  186. shake shake shake life
  187. Friday the Thirteenth life
  188. Writing from w.bloggar life
  189. Thursday Training life
  190. Wednesday Stress life
  191. Tuesday Fuckup life
  192. Monday and Knackered life
  193. Final Day Chemist life
  194. Coffee break life
  195. Big News #2 {new job} web-design
  196. Big News #1 {marriage} marriage
  197. First Training Runs with Forerunner 405 GR20 Running
  198. A new Dawn - A new Speedo! cycling
  199. Monday Morning! CIW HTML5 life php
  200. Weekend and Studying CIW ciw site designer coding Foals html5 HTML5 JS life oxford php php reading geek night web-design
  201. Foals and Coco coco Foals food gig life oxford
  202. Running Again! Running
  203. Weekend and PHP time CIW php web-design
  204. Grid Layout web-design
  205. Dorset Wind Blast life
  206. Ideas life
  207. CIW Site-Designer CIW
  208. you should really download the new blur song! life
  209. Not Running [from iPhone] accident injury knee life Running Running
  210. Looking Forward - [Post from iPhone] holiday life rain twestival
  211. sunshine walk along the river life
  212. Running to Work #2 [20m58s] Running
  213. Running Home #4 [19m40s] Running
  214. Friday Summary Running
  215. Running Home #3 [20m40s] Running
  216. Along Canal Bridge [30min - 3.91miles] Running
  217. Running Home #2 [19m11s] Running
  218. Running to Work [20m07s - 2.69miles] Running
  219. Running Home [19m14s - 2.69miles] Running
  220. Happy New Year! life
  221. Tonight it snew cycling Running
  222. Running - Prospect Park with Cesar life
  223. Wiggo into the Sky cycling Running
  224. Running - Short River Running
  225. Let the Training Begin! [Running!] Running
  226. juxtaposition of time life
  227. Photography at TVU life
  228. roll of film and the white cup of tea life
  229. champions league draw life
  230. this is the week life
  231. Blue Sky Fly life
  232. start of the championship, stay safe in taiwan life
  233. Weekend! life
  234. Photos life
  235. Le Weekend d'été life
  236. Gah. Just get the words down then! google wave holiday life moleskin return spain
  237. 5ifth day of being ill life
  238. Reading Half-Marathon life
  239. Spring Un-Sprung life
  240. Running Along the River life
  241. Lent Begins! life
  242. almost the weekend life
  243. snowing melting life
  244. Running life
  245. Sunday Night Live life
  246. Clouds and Aeroplanes life
  247. Obama the 44th President life
  248. Sackboy life
  249. Music life
  250. from scribefire with love life
  251. Sunday morning Winds life
  252. kid cudi life
  253. ManU Top! life
  254. password protection, testing #1 life
  255. having a great and relaxing weekend! life
  256. Drowned in Sound's Top 50 Albums of 2008 life
  257. back from Frankfurt! life
  258. an IT tech! life
  259. passed exam!!! life
  260. K2 life
  261. friday morning life
  262. huzzah c'est presque le weekend life
  263. o' course life
  264. Re-Turn-Running life
  265. back life
  266. 100 - one hundred life
  267. TFFT life
  268. Good Morning World life
  269. Cavendish Wins ... rain-rain-rain-rain-rain life
  270. Killer Run life
  271. le week-end life
  272. music - second try life
  273. Music - First Try life
  274. CSS3 and other new stuff life
  275. chili life
  276. To Do List life
  277. update life
  278. Re-track life
  279. VVC life
  280. Rock en Seine life
  281. Soon! life
  282. Running in the Turkey Rain life
  283. Wednesday or Monday? life
  284. Bracknell Half-Marathon life
  285. 10k in the Sunshine life
  286. Back-Front life
  287. /posts/120/ life
  288. Paint Headache life
  289. /posts/115/ life
  290. Spring! life
  291. /posts/109/ life
  292. Last Week::: life
  293. Exploding Dried Tulips life
  294. Running in the Wind life
  295. Oscars Films life movies oscars
  296. Running Again! life
  297. A Break life
  298. To Paris life
  299. Red Junky Crackhead from Venus life
  300. Seeing You life
  301. Ripe Red Tomatoes and the Whistle Stop Cafe life
  302. Brrrrrr Winter's on It's Way life
  303. It's Cold in the Eve Run life
  304. Monday Quickie life
  305. Ridges Ambarrow life
  306. Down Up life
  307. Klaxons Scoop The Mercury Prize life
  308. Welcome back WC life
  309. hey ho let's go life
  310. Gin and Juice life
  311. Update Update Update life
  312. June to July life
  313. I'm Back life
  314. Black Swan life
  315. Sleepy Sunshine life
  316. Shit am Knackered life
  317. Happy B'day Christine!!! life
  318. With Cesar life
  319. while it rains I run life
  320. New Camera Boz life
  321. Bank Monday Robbery life
  322. Tweaky Ham Cycling life
  323. The Other Side life
  324. Not eht best life
  325. not slow and EZ life
  326. While everyone was doing the Marathon... life
  327. Longer Maple life
  328. Mid-Week Kaner life
  329. Massachre of the Smiling Toadstalls life
  330. Look out 10 life
  331. Four times off life
  332. stinging eyes, banshee feet life
  333. Ment to be takin it EZ life
  334. Quit yo jibba-jabba it's april you fool life
  335. Newness life
  336. Spring Back, Forward? life
  337. cold running life
  338. football running life
  339. Snow, its a coming life
  340. SPRING is Now life
  341. Football life
  342. Herman Düne life
  343. bloody marvelous life
  344. Running life
  345. Running Muddy Snob life
  346. tony parsons life
  347. England on FIRE!!! life
  348. me widgets ain't grooving to the Flux life
  349. Fuji Snow Suck life
  350. sugar, lick my salty chocolate balls life
  351. klaxons #1!!! life
  352. guardian muso blog life
  353. deerhoof life
  354. we're thru to the Vth round of the FA CUP life
  355. celeb apprentice life
  356. ill Ill ILL life
  357. update and change, rewire and rebirth life
  358. bright in the middle wick sunshine life
  359. HappyNewYear!!! life
  360. Hello world! life
  361. /posts/3360-2/ offscreenmag
  362. /posts/3358-2/ life
  363. Firefox from #viewsource viewsource
  364. Ooh new #offscreenmag magazine! micropub offscreenmag