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Recently I have been going through the number of processes that I need to do to set up a new WordPress site locally before development can commence. Below I will outline these and then in a follow up post I will describe how I have gone about automating them. Steps to automate:

  • Create new folder
  • Add WordPress files
  • Add Starter Theme
  • Setup Database
  • Configure hosts with localhost url(/etc/hosts)
  • Configure httpd-vhosts.conf with localhost url and project folder location
  • Customise style.sass with theme name
  • Initialise git, add files to git, initial commit, add remote, first push
  • Restart Apache
  • Import default db with test data
  • Add Default wp-config.php, and configure with db name, localhost url
  • Run grunt sass to compile initial style.css file (in this case I'm ignoring *.css files in git)
  • Add alias to ~/.bash_profile (to do grunt)
  • Add default plugins you know, the ones that you use on every site.

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