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Bank Monday Robbery

Busy Busy Week just gone. Starting last Monday I went running at lunch, just 4 miles stretching my left hamstring before, during and after the run cos it was really quite stiff and achey. In the evo after going for a few drinks with Cesar and Marion I went to see Reading vs Newcastle at the Majeski with Cesar. Reading won 1-0. Exciting game but Newcastle shudda equalised. Tuesday: Running: 5 miles solo "Walters Wood". Watched Champions League round Tom's house with other blokes from work. Dire game but happy that Chelski lost on pens and Liverpool went through to the final on 23-May. Weds: Running: 6 miles solo "Reverse River" pain in the arse to get up the flint path but felt better in general than on Mon/Tue. Watched second Champions League semi-final round Cesar's house. Bad bad awful game. ManU piss-poor and AC Milan go through to meet Liverpool in the final. Thursday: Football. Played lots of loose passes but did some attacking. So-so game. Went to beer festival in evening! Friday. Hungover and knackered went to pub at lunchtime, then after work for 1. Watched rest of Old Boy. Went early to bed. Saturday. I drove to Cheltenham to visit my brother. Watched Manchester derby. ManU beat City in abrasive non-exciting game. Go 8pts ahead of Chelski. Go to see Cinematic Orchestra w/The Nextmen at the Jazz festival. Incredible time, only wished that I had drank more so that I could dance to The Nextmen because they were awesome!!! Sunday. Saw Spiderman 3. Really enjoyed it. Lots of choices for the young 4-legged octoped, tale of revenge and recrimination and darkness, of forgiveness and betrayal. Watched Chelski lose title by drawing with Arsenal 1-1 (both sides could have won it in the final 5 minutes) then drove back home. Read some of War and Peace then went to bed early-ish. Today: was going to go cycling with some friends but weather = shite and we agreed to do it another day. Cooked chocco cake from Mum (her birthday today: Happy Birthday Mum!) did food shopping and now trying to finish off War and Peace.

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