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Happy B'day Christine!!!

First of all: Happy Birthday to my friend Christine! have a great day! Running:  Played footie for 2 hrs hungover yesterday so not in the mood for much today so I did "Walter's Wood" fairly slowly today. Friday I did "Stables" again on a post-football downer. What is up with running lately? Not enough sleep, bad diet, lack of variety, bad weather, lack of goals, too much football? Could be any of these excuses. There has not been anyone of my pace out running recently so it's down to me to pace myself and choose how fast I want to go so; if I feel lazy I go easy or less fast than I could so I need buddies to go fast, or a new regime, to reinvigorate the running life. Will let you know how things change in the next weeks. The weekend.  Juggling Thursday evening (for my cousin Tom) in the garden realise that I can just about juggle 5 still (managed about 30 catches max) then had curry with Chantal, Derek, M&D.  Went to see "Zodiac" at the cinema on Friday with Cesar. Saturday had haircut (at last!), bought shoes and clothes, then went to Cesar's house to watch the FA Cup final. ManU lost to Chelsea in the worst fucking game of football ever, then the evening arrived. In the evening went to pub with Tom (Cesar's housemate), Cesar, Rebecca (going to miss you not being at work brightening up the day), Bibi, and Tom's friends Sam and Si, and girlfriend (Kelly). Long Island Iced Tea party so had to drink this. Yum yum nice drink! Had grreat evening got drunk went to Club, yeas. Sunday played 4-a-side footie with lads and almost died. Thought I was fit cos all the running I do but this was something different. High volume Repetitive sprinting, added to hungover dehydrated body and 1 banana brekki... scorred hat-trick enjoyed game yes!!! In afternoon chilled watching tv and so on. Footie kickups in garden in evo then bed.

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