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Herman Düne

Running this lunchtime almost killed my soul. For the last couple of running sessions my will to go fast has been somewhat lacking, legs aching heart tired brain cannot be arsed. I'm a much better runner imho when I am running solo. I think that this is the reason for the above problem. How do you people work around this problem? Today we did the "Reverse River" route, the weather was bloody spankingly marvellous: warm in the sunshine and breezy in the shade, the mud still sticky along the river path. First half of the route easy fine then the uphill, down and parallel to the river towards the bottom of Death Hill was not good. Im okay if there are not people with me, ahead of me... I can go my own pace and not think about what other people are doing, that gets on my tits. 5 Miles in ~40 mins. Last Week::: Fri (reverse river) Weds (super bloody wet running through rivers of fire would have been easier but less fun, it was great fun!!! Walters Wood route). Spring is here, the flowers are out and the cheeping birds are producing food (babies, chicks) for the awaiting death eaters from above the handsome Red Kites (there are loads of em!) but there there is a shitload of water in the ground still, the river is almost flooded. I need some new running shoes, I've had the current (my first pair of running shoes goddamnit) Nike Air Pegassus for 1.5 years. Shall get some new shoes once I have moved house - need lots of wonger for first month, deposit and such... this will leave me skint for a while. Have you heard of a band called Herman Düne? Neither had I until I read the fantastic Plan B Magazine. They are (after many listens I like the second half of their latest album Giant) According to their myspace site they are "Surf/Folk/Grunge". whatever. It's great! Larsson!!! Is God. Just scorred his last goal for Manchester United. ManU 1-0 Lille (agg. 2-0). Could this lead to 4 English teams in the last 8? Noooooo... Arsenal are 1-1 with PSV thus losing 2-1 on agg and, with the away goal, effectively 3-1. That's it ManU through, Arsenal out. Fantastic.

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