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Ment to be takin it EZ

Running: One thing that I have noticed after looking back at my running journey (i started running Aug 05) is the lack of variety, if I go out running then I go as fast as I can. Today I tried something different. I purposely tried to run slowly, taking it easy, if I had to ask myself "am i going too quickly?" then I was indeed and I slowed down a bit. What is the purpose of this you may ask. I have been reading "The Competetive Runner's Handbook" by B. Glover and S-L. F. Glover and even though I admit at this stage I am far from the fastest runner in the town it does have excellent advice to all runners, including me. I've read a few chapters so far and I get the message that if you mix your training up, thus keeping it interesting, then your running benefits, as do your race times. It also recommends more days per week, and an increased per-week mileage. So this is what I will be doing. From 3 times a week to 4, then see how I feel before increasing further. Obviously now that I have done an "easy" run I will have to do a "hard" run. Whoa hahahaha! What fun this will be!!! ManU thrashed, demolished, annihilated, took apart, erased... Roma 7-1 tonight in the quarter-final of the champions league.! What an exquisite game, one of the best I've ever seen. Goals from attack, defence, mid-field, all-over. And such class too, not just "goals" (as scorred by mere mortals) but divine wonder goals (the kind gods dream about scoring). Chelski also manage to sneek through. Two out of 4 Semi-Final berths are taken by English teams, can Liverpool fill a third tomorrow when they play the home-leg versus PSV (having won the first leg 3-0 in Holland)? I am going to Sziget Music festival in August.!. 8 days of mutherfucking excellent music, great beer and cheep sunshine, did I say 8 days? In Budapest Hungary in the sun, with 100s of bands, woot I cannot wait! Sziget 15

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