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Ripe Red Tomatoes and the Whistle Stop Cafe

Yeas so I have been running again this afternoon. I died plenty of times, where has the energy the motivation to go running gone? Or am I going at it in the wrong way? Without a clear objective I go out running for the sake of running, say three or four times a week. And solo too. In the summer it was easy, relatively speaking, because the blood was flowing quickly and it was great to go outside for a deathly run through the sunshine. Now winter is on its way and the temperature is a mere 10 degrees, the sunshine ain't there and there is rain hard blissful plentiful rain to put the lazy section of the brain off. Yet I am still going out running, and this is the positive that I must take from this change of seaesons, change of spirit, because summer is not coming any quicker if I stew and think up excuses for not going out in the cold glorious rainy grey gloom of September in Sandhurst. Running: Tuesday: "Hills + WC" in 29mins. Rained and was cold. Wednesday (Today): "Nature + Crowthorne" in 32mins (half of Broadmoor Nature, half dying on way back to home). Windy, cold and wet. Solutions: (1) Running Club; (2) Enter some races; (3) New Routes; (4) Evaluate Training Plan;

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