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welcome back to this blog after a day off-line. Tried to upgrade Wordpress (the strings that hold this blog together) from version 2.5.1 to 2.6 but must have got something wrong. So still with 2.5.1 for now. now have upgraded to 2.6 not that difficult really. Back home after a week in Paris for friends wedding. We took Eurostar last Weds then met up with Didier and Lucie at their home in the suburbs. Thu M and I went into Paris and did some touristy leg-walking, mission number one the Eiffel Tower then mission number 2: find some churros. Both accomplished but the second only just as we almost ran out of energy after walking at least 10km in our search. Fri spent preparing for the marriage and then Sat morning too, before the wedding and eating drinking and partying into early hours. Sun cleaning up then on Monday went to Paris again to walk to Monmartre and then to Line, Jabert and Lisa's to collect our bags before catching the Eurostar back to UK.

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