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Turbo Training

Darkness arrives way to early at this time of the year, too early for cycling after work and departs too late to go in the morning before work. Thus I had the choice of hanging up my road bike and doing no exercise during the week or to continue the good work that I had done on the bike since starting road cycling in July. Of course I could have switched to running after work — and indeed I might do that as well — but I am obsessed about cycling and wanted to see what the Turbo Trainer had to offer! I have so far done four different sessions since starting last Tuesday, going every other day for 30mins+. The first session was the hardest because I didn't know what I was letting myself in for, and I was training in front of one of The Sufferfest videos - supposed to be the hardest cycling workout videos on the market. Each week I will increase the duration by five minutes and see where that gets me, and each week I will train once to a sufferfest video to keep me extra motivated. Having no access to training books I am experimenting with what works best but always include a good warmup, and alternations between hard and medium with some recovery in between. I use my Garmin 405 to track my heartrate and plan to get a cadence attachment so I can measure how fast I am peddling (I've read that a cadence of 90-110 rpm is optimum). Hopefully there will be some weekends where I can go out riding where I will see how much effect this training is having, plus it will be great to taste the fresh country air again.

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