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Monday afternoon and the sun is shining. Weekend just gone was spent with M's Mum M (also) who visited us from France. We picked up M at Stansted Airport Friday evening through 2 hours of M4 and M25 motorway traffic then easily found M at airport collected car and drove 1.5hours back to home where we got changed then headed out into air and found delicious curry for dinner. Saturday got up sleepy eyed at 10 with fresh brioche smells had brekki in garden then drove beyond Marlow to a place called COokham and a walk along the Thames and round loop in hills above river. Had picnic atop hill views of Red Kites and rabbits and over Thames, v nice! Yes then walk back to car and drove to Henley and walk along and back on river past lock and weir. Ice-cream next to the river in the sun and drive via Tesco to home for BBQ in garden. Extremely tired all go to bed. Sunday again cannot get up at 10.30 but forced as have guest so we have brekki in sunshine in garden! Pack smart clothes, for later, into car and then drive to Virginia Water and walk around the lake admiring the scenes and plants trees and ducks. Almost die of starvation but finally find place on grass in Sun then after play frisbee with M and M before driving to Bishop's Gate and walking to the Copper Horse in Windsor Great Park with fantastic views of Windsor Castle and deer and planes taking off from Heathrow Airport. In Eve drive to my rents place, after changing in car, and first time M's mum meets my M&D. Delicious food, good evening! Spain beat Germany in the Euro 2008 final although we don't see any of it as eating and socialising. Great weeekend! Yes I have just updated wordpress to 2.5.1 which took a while as up-load speed was v. slow. Alas, it;'s done now! Adios for now.

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